Reconnect to the peace within you as we welcome the breath, open to spaciousness, and invite the body to relax through mindful flows & restorative yoga poses.

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About Ahimsa Yoga LLC/ Instructor Jane Pottmeyer

~RYT 200 Hatha Yoga Roots, VT

~RYT 62 Restorative & Slow Flow Jillian Pransky

I love sharing my joy for combining mindful flows & restorative practices that collectively stretch, strengthen, and shift the body and nervous system to a place of ease.   I am drawn to the many facets of yoga for the expansive nature it brings through movement, breath awareness, philosophy teachings, and the practice of returning over and over again inwardly.

Connecting to our breath and experiencing our bodies opens a doorway to the soul where we can listen and learn how to be with whatever is present. Yoga is a practice in learning how to return to our inherent wholeness over and over again.

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