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Leaning Into The Duality of Our Lives

By Jane Pottmeyer

TUE OCT 27, 2020

Standing in line at Rite-Aid, someone said: "what a strange time this is” and that he was bored and lonely. It's been a rough rollercoaster ride for all while also offering opportunities for growth and development.

During the warmer months of this year, usually a time of socializing outdoors and traveling, many of us were cooped up inside. The normal rhythms of the seasons have been disrupted this year. With November right around the corner, it is time to slow down again and go within. The clocks may be turning back Sunday, however, many of us have no idea what time it is on the inside.

Our work is to embrace all of our moments, including the messy ones, with compassion. Life exists in duality: light and dark, inhale and exhale, comfort and discomfort, happiness and sadness. Yoga reminds us to not attach strongly to our stories or in needing things, people, or situations to be anything other than what they are.

Spiritual leader and author Ram Dass stated: "When you quiet the mind enough to transcend your ego, you can begin to hear how it all is. Then you watch with unbearable compassion for yourself and all beings. Watching involves what you may call the witness consciousness, which comes from your soul plane. It’s another way of polishing the mirror, to connect your thinking mind with your spiritual heart.”