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Nature of practice

By Jane Pottmeyer

TUE MAY 11, 2021

For many, getting on the mat is a way to move the body for the pure physical benefits. Over time, practice transitions, turning into an outlet for self study within body and mind. This coupled with the ability to connect to the support underneath you and within you can lead to powerful shifts.

We get off the mat to re-enter our lives and the peacefulness is traded out for the inevitable distractions that come with the seesaw nature of life. Yoga offers us tools to work with the back and forth conditions.

Whatever your purpose for arriving on your mat, join me this week as we observe opposites in moving & stillness, grounding & expansion.

A poem below by Dana Faulds seems fitting right now in spring as we continue on the path with the forward/backward momentum of opening and blossoming.

🙏🕉💗 Jane

The Open Door

A door opens. Maybe I’venbeen standing here shuffling my weight from foot to foot for decades, or maybe I only  knocked once. In truth, it doesn’t matter.

A door opens and I walk through without a backward glance. This is it, then, the moment of truth in a lifetime of truth: a choice made, a path taken, the gravitational pull of Spirit  too compelling to ignore any longer. I am received by something far too vast to see.

It has roots in antiquity but speaks clearly in the present  tense. “Be” the vastness says. Be without adverbs, descriptors, or qualities.” Be so alive that awareness bares itself uncloaked and unadorned.

Then go forth to give what you alone can give, awake to love and suffering, unburdened by the weight of expectations. go forth to see and be seen, blossoming, always blossoming into your magnificence.”

-Danna Faulds