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The Hassle Less Holiday

By Jane Pottmeyer

MON APR 12, 2021

There are 161 holidays in April--who knew! check it out: https://nationaltoday.com/april-holidays/

Let's add one more called "The hassle less" holiday and celebrate it all year. While life is messy and hassles are part of the mix, how we respond is what's worth examining.

There is an ethical code in yoga that asks us to practice non violence called ahimsa in sanskrit. It permeates all aspects of life: our thoughts, words, and actions. The obvious one is in non harming towards others. There's another more subtle level that asks us to look directly in the mirror to observe how we treat ourselves in our own thoughts, words, & actions.

Is the inner dialogue kind? How about your schedule? Daily routine? When things aren't going your way? How about on the yoga mat? While we aren't expected to be perfect, it certainly is a goal worth modeling our lives after.

Today, I put non harming into action by clearing my schedule to create more space so I can focus on those deadlines. I made time for my practice to connect to the breath, body, and mind. Guess what I found? Peace & contentment.

Where can you practice this principle of hassling yourself less and bringing more kindness and spaciousness into your week?