Online Info Sheet


Thank you for being here & investing in your well being. Now, take a moment to acknowledge and thank yourself for taking time out of your busy life to slow down to connect to all of who you are. Our work together will be to witness the breath & the body and encourage a release of any held tensions through movement and stillness returning you to your peaceful center.


It‘a helpful to set an intention for what you would like from our sessions. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t have one or know what it is right now. My intention is to create a safe, friendly atmosphere for you to explore movement along with moments of just being. We will leave judgement, ego, and comparison at the door and instead welcome whatever is in the present moment.

Computer Set Up

  • Please charge your electronic device before our session.
  • Turn on “do not disturb” or turn off any alerts on your computer that will make noise or distract you.
  • Please leave your phone and wearable connected device (apple watch etc) in another room or at least across the room you are in and muted. Do not disturb works best here too.
  • Set up the computer in the space you would like to do your call in and check to make sure you have the space needed to capture your mat and body seated and standing.


  • What is Zoom? It is similar to Skype and Google Hangouts, but the connection is more stable. Zoom is a video conferencing platform used for online meetings and this is where we will be having our video yoga classes/sessions.
  • Please download and install Zoom: Follow the prompts and go through all the set up steps before we meet.
  • This video shows how you join the Zoom room.
  • I have a “Zoom room” with a special link for a private video conversation. Once your session is scheduled, l will email you a link to our Zoom session. Join the meeting 10 minutes ahead of our meeting to give you some extra time so you aren't rushed. If I am not there yet, you will receive a notice on the screen that the room has not been opened up yet. As soon as I open the room, you will automatically join the video conference.
  • Laptop, phone, or tablet? You can access Zoom using any of these devices. If you have a laptop, this may be the easiest one to use to adjust the camera position. If you use a phone or tablet, make sure that you have a stand or a way to adjust viewing the class/session easily. Any recordings will show only my teaching the class--no students will be displayed. Any chats that transpire during the class will also be included.

Mat Set Up

  • Set up your device far enough away so I can see you and the side view of your full mat. The whole horizontal mat should be in the camera frame. Do your best and don’t worry as you and I can make any needed adjustments at the beginning of the session.
  • Props: 2 yoga blocks(or 2 travel mugs); 2 pillows; 4 blankets (or bath towels), one hand towel


  • We will start and end promptly.
  • For Group Classes: We will begin with a meditation & breath work and move into movement followed by stillness to lock in what we have done in class.
  • For privates: We will start with a check in with how you are feeling and then move into our session and finish discussing next steps.


  • I am available via email in between sessions.
  • If you have any questions or issues while getting things set up please let me know