PROPS: What To Bring To Class

Props To Bring: (have at the side of your mat)

~2 blocks (OR 2 travel mugs, large peanut butter jars, or plastic clorox wipes containers)

~4 Blankets (OR large bath towels or fleece blankets )

~2 Pillows

~1 Hand Towel for the neck

A Spotify Playlist will be provided the day of class:

Spotify works best when played on a different device than the one you watch Zoom through. Also, I believe if you have a subscription, the songs play in order. If not, they may play randomly. Check the playlist in advance--play the first song and make sure no green arrows are selected at the bottom.

Zoom Link will be provided the day of class:

**Just a reminder about why I love and suggest blocks or block substitutes.  It allows the ground to rise up to meet you where you are and it also helps you to open more fully into the pose with good alignment.  (suggestion/not required)

Below is a noticeable demonstration of how the props work so that we can open the chest, invite shoulders away from ears,  keep our spines long, and prevent spinal rounding.   The last photo on the right demonstrates without props how the spine wants to round.